Commercial Solar Panels for Business Organizations

Top Ten Trends Favoring Business Solar Panels

  • Utility prices are increasing rapidly each year. There’s never a decrease. Utilities are subject to inflation, and are dependent on fossil fuels for energy generation. It’s impossible to predict how much the Utility companies will raise their rates.
  • Solar panels and solar equipment prices have fallen deeply, which is great for business, church and organizations.
  • Solar energy is completely renewable and clean, and we are blessed with abundant sunlight in Southern area (over 300 days of sunshine, and solar panels generate some power even on cloudy days).
  • You could also receive a 30% Income Tax Credit from the federal government.
  • Solar + Electricity bills are net-metered, and businesses receive retail credit for the energy that your system generates. In short, the utility company pays you what they charge you!
  • For limited time only, your business may qualify for Option R, whereby the demand charges are reduced by 30% (please contact us for more details).
  • The commercial solar power system installation process is seamless. Planet North Group Ltd provides free consultation and site inspection, designs an optimal system, installs the system on time, and monitors and maintains the system. We provide an industry-leading 25-year warranty.
  • If instead of financing, you choose to own the solar energy system, the solar system will continue generating electricity for you.
  • Finally, the commercial solar panels installation is inflation-proof because of the continuous power generation that saves money each month.

Commercial Solar Panels for business can not only reduce significant energy costs, but can also provide clean, sustainable energy for decades. This is perhaps the best investment a business or organization can make towards creating a better environment and a great future for the next generation.

Want to wipe out your electricity bills? Contact Planet North Group Ltd here. Planet North Group Ltd is a professional solar panels company providing custom design, financing, installation and monitoring for homes, businesses and non-profits.

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